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Lawn Care:

Lawn Care

At an average of $55 per treatment for a typical residential property, this is the easiest and most affordable way to maintain a pristine lawn.

We offer full service lawn care that includes

  • Mowing All Grass

  • Edging Around Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Trimming Along Fences, Trees, and Beds

  • All Clippings Are Mulched, Any Excess is Bagged and Removed.

  • All Concrete Areas and Decks Air Blown Off.

  • Monthly Weeding of Flowerbeds Is Also Available. 

We Recommend Weekly Service During the Summer

Service Schedules Depending On Your Lawn and Budget Include:

  • Bi-weekly 

  • Weekly 

  • 10-day

  • 2-week

  • 3-week

Lawn Cleanup:

Lawn Cleanup

We specialize in taming wild growth and bringing the beauty back to your landscape.


Typical Spring cleanups include mulching and removal of leaves and debris that has fallen on your yard over the winter. Spring is also a time when we prune many bushes and shrubs. For most types of grass in north Alabama, we recommend a spring scalp. This removes the top layer of dead grass and allows more air, water, and sunlight in and promotes growth for the new season. Aeration is also offered upon request.

Fall and Winter: 

Mulching and removing fallen leaves not only keeps your lawn looking tidy but it also prevents spots of your lawn from dying off for the spring. Mulching will provide nutrients for the grass as the leaves decay. It’s also recommended to clean out flower beds to stop excessive buildup of leaves that could smother other plants in the bed.

If this is your first time using our service and your lawn, edging, bushes, and/or beds are overgrown, Mako Lawn Care can help! 

Pressure Washing:

Driveways, sidewalks, decks, and vinyl siding all become dirty over time.

Keep your Home looking new

Pressure washing will remove months or years of mold and dirt and return them to their original shine.

Bush Pruning:

Trimming bushes can be one of the most strenuous and tedious jobs on your landscape.

Managing your bushes

Bush Pruning Is one of the most important tasks to keep your landscape beautiful. Let us do the hard work for you! Bushes will be trimmed and shaped for what will look best and what is good for the health of the plant.



We specialize in cleaning up existing landscapes or can create a fresh, new one to compliment your home.

Sometimes It's Time For A Change

Let us help you restore your landscape back to its original glory, or let's make a plan that helps you have landscaping that works for your needs. We are here to help your landscape compliment your lawn. 

Bush Removal & Stump Grinding:

Sometimes it is best to start from scratch.

removing the old and making way for the new

Sometime trees or large bushes have to be cut down for a number of reasons. After the removal, there are often roots and stumps that remain as unsightly obstacles in your yard. Our stump grinding and bush removal services will allow space for grass to return to these areas.

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