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Pay By Check 

Please feel free to send in a check for service provided to the address below.  This avoids the 3.5% credit card fee.


Mako Lawn Care, Inc.

2055 Magna Carta Pl.

Huntsville AL, 35803

Pay Through Online Banking 

If you are looking for a stamp free way to settle your bill, please pay us through your banks online banking.

Follow these steps:

1. Log into your banks online banking and go to the bill pay section.

2. Add Mako Lawn Care, Inc. to your list of payees (do this manually through the add a payee link.)

3. Select Mako Lawn Care, Inc. and enter the amount you want to send us and hit submit.

Please Note: These payments take about a week to process. Here is a short video on how to set it up.

Make Your  Card Payment Here

If you would like to make a payment by credit card or charge card please include an extra 3.5% to cover the Card processing fee that we must pay. 


Payment Received

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